On days like these I feel like a granddaddy talking to his grandparents about the music back in the days. Nike SB has just published a very, very cool short clip for the launch of Paul Rodriguez‘s third shoe Zoom P-Rod III. It features skater god Rodriguez, his shoes and…Ice Cube. To all kids younger than 28: Ice Cube was a gangster rapper (a musicial style which was pretty popular in the mid 1990s) back in the days. His 1993 hit ‘Today was a good day’ was cut to make it fit into prime time TV and his short appearance gives the skater story a nice twist.

Well done, Nike. You made me think of the good old days when we still sang songs about dough, bling and AK-47s. So romantic! 🙂

(via Freshngood, Athadi, Tautoko)