It has almost become a tradion. Each year Blog search engine/directory technorati presents the results of its survey State of the Blogosphere as keynote on the Blogworld Expo. Blogs lately have come under pressure by microblogging services such as Twitter & Co, making them almost like a weird secondlifesque hobby from 2004. I don’t have to add that I love my twitter account, posterous and Facebook – but nothing feels like a good old WordPress blog.

Technorati obviously agrees in this five part series which I found on Brian Solis’ blog. I found a couple of finding particularly interesting.

Finding 1: Bloggers are male, in their thirties and they aren’t blogging for so long

Finding 2: Personal musings still are the most blogged about topics before technology

Finding 3: Bloggers use their blogs to increase their personal visibility in their professional life

Finding 4: Blogging is a full-time ‘hobby’

Finding 5: More bloggers than expected generate income from their blogs

Finding 6: Twitter won’t destroy WordPress

I always find the differences between the German blogger scene and the U.S. blogospere quite interesting. Germans still lag behind quite a bit and are particularly not very Political. Also there still seem to be big discrepancies concerning revenue generation through blogs. Anyway, blogging worldwide still seems to be alive and kicking. Check out technorati’s full survey here.