There are a million reasons why planet Earth needs America’s finest satirical magazine ‘The Onion‘. For example because of this hilarious report, or this, or that.

But one of the most important reasons is – for quite some time ‘The Onion’ helps us identifying 100% irony free idiots. I think, in this regard it is, in a way, very related to Ed Hardy wear. But this time a report by the magazine was even more effective than usual.

What happend? Just recently an old Onion satire video from 2007 resurfaced that – well – reveals a ‘diabolic’ Martial Law plan by the evil U.S. central government which is all but transparent. This is the Onion’s video.

After popping up, this video spread like wildfire among gun loving teaparty-freaks of the midwest. Simply because they did not understand its humor and expect their pot smoking communist nazi president to be behind ‘the plan’. What a bunch of morons!

Follow the trail of insanity (click on the pic below to zoom in).

  • Brucecarson2008

    LOL. There are just as many left leaning 9/11 was a Bush neo-con inside job type people who jumped on this. I understand why you single out the tea party, you obviously don’t like them, but stupidity is sadly quite bi-partisan. Then again, singling out dumb people on the other side of the debate and trying to make them representative of their entire side whilst dismissing any legitimate concerns they have is a tried and true tradition. (Eg. The right depicted anyone opposing the war in Iraq as a code pink type nut whilst you depict anyone opposing Bush and Obama’s deficit spending as a conspiracy theorist nut).