Here we go again with a chart. But a good one.

You know the rules – you are sitting in a meeting with a bunch of other marketing blokes (and possibly the client) and all of you pretend the pork meat/washing powder/light bulb/whatever thay you are trying to sell is interesting in regards to the campaign/viral superhit/Facebook page you want to come up with. Bad news, it almost never is.

Just in case any of your colleagues starts to promote his fantastic idea to engage urban hipsters to record this video and upload it to your light bulb website using an Augmented Reality app, simply point to the chart below. It actually says one thing – few people are really interested in marketing. Well…almost no one. Some of your target group might really be deep into sneakers. But honestly…almost no one will become a fan of the sausage you are trying to sell – except if you have a really great idea or bribe them. Your choice.

This simple truth is closely related to this ‘letter to all of advertising and marketing.’ Genius that is. And as I just found out, it both comes from a London-based agency called SellSell. I like them.

  • Gemma

    Love it.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not even a new insight…thats the sad aspect of it.