Sometimes I find digital marketing quite funny. No matter how much you talk about a world of free conversation, open brands etc – I am under the impression we are getting back to a more traditional usage of digital media. Lean back that is.

These are only a couple of examples that seem to form a new picture of what’s happening in marketer’s minds. No doubt, Earned Media is stressful, content heavy and soooo very different from what agencies and marketing departments feel comfortable with. But are we slowly getting passive again?

My guess is yes. I think twitter has fucked up our creativity and our will to formulate long, elaborated sentences. I really sense it made us degenerate from first generation Social Media citizens (‘Blogging’) to second generation sharers. We don’t create new stuff anymore, we just try to hit the share button early enough to stay credible. Oh, great side effect. An art director can visualize tweets much easier than blog posts. But anyway, what’s on Apple TV tonight?

Fuck. I think we just ate ourselves. What do you think?