While the whole world is discussing Wikileak’s impact I am currently more interested whether Julian Assange is going to become Time’s Person of the Year or – alternatively – will be assassinated, disappear, face prison because of ‘sexual assault charges’ (LOL). But no matter what you think about him and the way Wikileaks works – it is extremely disturbing to see how many inhumane, deeply anti-democratic barbarians hide behind the faces of western politicians. As Noam Chomsky put it – the latest outcry over WikiLeaks cables reveals a profound hatred for democracy by U.S. government officials. Just think of Sarah Palin yelling for Julian Assange to be “hunted down with the same urgency we pursue al Qaeda and Taliban leaders” (which means he’s safe for a decade at least). No, in western civilizations we don’t usually murder people on the street. But indeed, I may be wrong here

The best comment I have read so far on Wikileaks was published by Salon.com’s Glenn Greenwald.

His thesis ‘Wikileaks reveals more than just government secrets‘. According to him no entity by now that produced as much bipartisan contempt across the American political spectrum as WikiLeaks, for authoritarian minds. Strangely enough, those who expose secrets are far more hated than those in power who commit heinous acts using secrecy as their principal weapon.

And the economist says:

The careerists scattered about the world in America’s intelligence agencies, military, and consular offices largely operate behind a veil of secrecy executing policy which is itself largely secret. American citizens mostly have no idea what they are doing, or whether what they are doing is working out well. The actually-existing structure and strategy of the American empire remains a near-total mystery to those who foot the bill and whose children fight its wars. And that is the way the elite of America’s unelected permanent state, perhaps the most powerful class of people on Earth, like it.

The new Leak this button

The new Leak this button

Whatever happens to Julian Assange – the genie left the bottle. Wikileaks will clone itself and will be copied. It’s not a fight against a site that our Politicians are pretending to wage. It’s the same old crusade against free speech that business organizations have already lost – let’s call it the socialization of political processes. To simplify the inevitable I would like to introduce a new button to lower entrance barriers for future internal document releases – if anyone can please add an embed code to the design top right?

But you know what? It probably won’t matter if Julian Assange disappears or not – the concept will prevail. Starfishes have become more persistent than spiders – and WikiLeaks clearly is a starfish.

Wikileaks must be uncomfortable because that is its mission. A mission that traditional press has not taken seriously anymore for decades, living comfortably under the safe cover of common sense. A little humility is long overdue for these people. But one more thing is stunning – the shock about the inferiority of (not only) U.S. diplomacy. We simply like to believe that the ones who are running our systems know what they are doing. Bad news – they don’t. And that’s a key motive behind the smear campaign against WikiLeaks. Wartard thinks

The leaks made clear that world diplomatic relations between countries are no different from our own shitty relations with each other in regular society, like that contractor who disappeared with the deposit I gave him for my sink repair or the dodgy mechanic who swapped out my tires when he fixed my brake pads. (…)

My favourite leak is that US and UK diplomats are shitting bricks about the current state of Pakistan and the fate of its ever growing nuclear arsenal. Oh really? I’ve been shitting about that since 2003. It’s only a shocking revelation because the media never reports it. So when we find out that diplomats have no idea who controls the nukes there, that 100,000 Pakistani personnel are involved in the nuclear program there and the Taliban captured the Swat valley with collusion from Islamacists in the Pakastani military and government, you know that smuggled chunk of highly enriched uranium is gonna go on the market in some scumbag Albanian dive bar very soon.

High five Wikileaks. This is why I love you. As the Guardian put it – the revolution has begun. And it will be digitised.

And…just in case you have missed this TED interview. It’s from July 2010 with Julian Assange explaining TED’s Chris Anderson how the site operates, what it has accomplished — and what drives him. I am now going to donate money.