To be honest, I neither like info visuals nor do I enjoy reading most of the smartass ‘Everything will change’ decks anymore. Over the last couple of years Slideshare has become a Powerpoint dump of well-designed and extremely superficial documents…but sometimes I still find a Gem. In the beginning I thought ‘Ideas, Ideas, Ideas’ is just one more deck that explains how cool the world would be if you only wouldn’t sit in your shitty agency…but it isn’t.

The following presentation by Heidi Hackemer (@Uberblond), Strategy Director at BBH NYC is a great example of a well explained agency process. Heidi describes the structure of a strategically-founded idea in an ideal world, the pitfalls, the team processes and the desired output. Something I would be able to give to my dad to make him understand what the hell I am actually doing.

Strategy in a nutshell. Nothing more, nothing less – just well explained. Great job, Heidi.