It is sad enough that it is 2011 and we still need organisations such as Exit Deutschland. Even though Fascists only play an inferior role in Germany’s political system, they are very present in some parts of Eastern Germany. And that’s where organisations such as Exit play a pivotal role in offering alternatives for people who know nothing but their hateful community.

Exit Deutschland is an organisation that tries to help members of the fascist scene to leave their (quite often very violent) peer group. In order to get their message across they just designed a very smart ‘Trojan Shirt’.

For the 9th time Germany’s right wing NPD party was allowed to stage a festival called ‘Rock fuer Deutschland’. Members of Exit Deutschland dressed up as Nazis and passed 250 of their shirts to Festival visitors. The idea: The shirt actually looks like stuff any Fascist likes (‘Hardcore Rebels. Nationalistic and free’ + skull). But once the guys came home after the Festival and washed their shirts the shirt revealed a different message: ‘What your T-shirt can do, so can you – we’ll help you break with right-wing extremism’ + a contact number for Exit Deutschland.

24 hours after the Festival NPD watchdogs sent out SMS warnings to the festival guests. 250 out of 600 guests got a T-Shirt.

Well done Exit. At last one ‘Trojan marketing concept’ with a Political attitude. Learn more on their site and like them on Facebook. (via Happyschnitzel)

  • Robynilee

    Shame that filthy right-wing fascists probably never wash 🙂

  • Anonymous

    That’s true. I did not think about this conceptual flaw. But you are right…correct I mean.