Creative Industry? Umm…..

The first time I ever heard the word Harlem Shake was last Monday when I saw this video. Since then it felt as if 200-300 new videos per hour were produced. Problem is: the concept Harlem Shake is not getting funnier as its content is…rather predictable.

Yesterday I wondered when we’ll see the first Harlem Shake agency video. Harlem Shake is classic agency corporate material. Why? It is an official meme. It is mainstream enough that even agencies have heard about it while it’s still live. And: it smells like Gangnam Style…which was a success, right? Hey, 1 billion people have seen it. It must be a success.

So: time to do a funny corporate song….umm…Harlem Shake video.

Saatchi Düsseldorf (they found it important to call it ‘the first German agency Harlem Shake video’)


Saatchi Johannesburg


Sid Lee, Montreal


Ogilvy Mexico


This happened in less than four days. Wouldn’t it be great if agencies became cool once again?

Thanks to Lyndon and Timo for the links.


Update: a friend just sent me this link: Jesus!