Three weeks ago I met Tim for a coffee at a crowded Berlin Mitte Starbucks.

Tim Büsing is Creative Director at Reactive, Sydney. He is one of the guys behind adverblog. And – last but not least – he is the guy who hired me for my first 100% digital job back in the mid-2000s. Unfortunately Tim decided to move to Australia shortly thereafter (which left me a bit confused whether this decision was connected with my work-style).

While I was following Tim’s career from the other side of the planet, I was not very familiar with his new employer Reactive. This is not very surprising as Reactive is quite focused on the Anglo-Saxon world (Australia, UK, U.S.). But with a number of great clients, cool digital and cross-media projects, and five offices globally, Reactive seems to have a plan for the other 50% of Planet Earth too.

This is their latest annual trend update “Pespectives 2013” which I want to share with you. It’s a great read and I hope to see and hear more from Reactive in the future.


  • timoneill

    Hi Gerald, thanks for posting, and for the kind words about Reactive!

  • De Nada!